Dead People Can’t Buy Alcohol

Note: I do know there is a virus. But, there are a LOT of viruses we could be having a pandemic for. Bigger things could have been pandemics around the world: AIDs, polio, the flesh eating bacteria, SARs, swine flu, bird flu, and so many, many others – but they were downplayed. The public was told not to worry and just go on about their business. Businesses were NOT shut down. People were NOT forced to isolate and stay home for over a year.The media did not obsessively report statistics and every tiny bit of information over and over and over again. Panic mongering did NOT happen.

I strongly believe the panic promoted by the media, and lockdowns caused by the government, due to this virus are far overdone and far more of a threat than the virus. It is not a deadly virus. Most people do not die or even know they have it until a less than accurate/reliable test tells them they had it. Have you noticed that the deaths reported are “covid-related” that means they did NOT die from covid and probably did not even have the virus. How many could be called lockdown-related instead? Probably a lot more than the media will report.

The media is promoting the hell out of this and governments are sucking it up. Why? That I don’t know. The Ontario government is spending billions keeping people solvent after forcing businesses to close. However, don’t get out your violins. They are also making billions of tax dollars from the sale of alcohol.

Somehow the LCBO and Beer Stores have been essential but churches, fitness centres, beauty salons, and so many other places where people could have found healthier options, are closed. How can anyone claim alcohol is essential in a time people are depressed, anxious, etc? More suicides, more beatings/ violence and more drunk driving. Not being reported of course.

There are frequent ads on TV for suicide prevention. Not about other issues, like drunk driving. But, I can understand the push about suicide – dead people can’t buy alcohol. The only other government ads I have seen are about covid, mostly making covid look fatal and deadly, when it actually is not. The death statistics from the past year are not very different from the death statistics the year before, before covid. Although covid statistics are reported constantly, no other statistics like this are reported at all. Don’t you wonder how many people have been killed or maimed by drunk drivers, how many have died from other diseases/ viruses. There are endless diseases, viruses, bacteria, parasites which people can catch and spread but only covid makes the news (constantly pushed and promoted, panic mongering).

Why has travel outside of Canada not been stopped during this so called pandemic? Each time I get asked all the screening questions they ask if I have been outside of the province (Ontario) or the country. Reporters keep saying the cases they find stem from people who travelled. So, why has travel kept going while all the local businesses are forced to close. Close down the local economy to prevent the spread of a virus from travel, that does not make sense.

Speaking of travel and spreading things around, children with parents living apart are still being shuttled between two (or more) households. If the government were serious about stopping the spread of a virus don’t you think they would include children in the lockdown. Schools are closed but children from divorced/ separated parents are still shuffled around for court appointed visits. This has been going on from the beginning and I have not seen it make the news even once.

Last of all, if you are still reading, think about the homeless people. Although the media is covering people dying in long term care (the places people are put when they are expected to die or certainly not very healthy) there is almost no mention at all about the homeless people. Do you know the homeless shelters have been all but closed due to covid and the demand for social distancing. Instead of having the shelters be a source for homeless people to have food and shelter they are being sent back outdoors, without any help. Homeless people are dying just blocks away from the shelters because they have not allowed more than a few inside, keeping the capacity cut down far below what they were capable of before covid. I guess they all get lumped into covid-related deaths – a win for the covid statistics mongering, not so much for the people.

If you want to label my opinions as misinformation, fake news, etc. Go ahead. Join the masses who don’t think beyond what the media reports (word for word), the popular opinion being sold to the public, and don’t think for yourself. Live in a small box and tell everyone to “be safe”. You aren’t going to change my mind and I am very anti-mask! Masks cause asthma attacks and I’m tired of fighting with asthma because every place I go forces me to wear a mask which is not effective for preventing the spread of covid or anything else, including dust or allergens in the air.

Good luck to us all.

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