A Modern God or a Runaway Train

It’s interesting that power, whether electricity, solar, or some other source, has eclipsed food and water in importance. Having food and water depends on having power to grow the food, clean the water and so on.

In our history, long before we harnessed power, food and water were the most important things to have, I’d add shelter in there as one of the basic necessities. Before man-made power we did have our own human power, muscle and determination.

Now, it seems we depend less on those and more on the flick of a switch (expecting it to work). I think we also depend less on our own brains these days too. It seems the media and marketers tell everyone what to think and its easy to just follow along. After all, they are the source for pretty much everything. Who still goes out and grows their own food any more, not enough to feed themselves or a family for a year. Water comes from a tap, few people have well water any more. So we are depending on an outside source for our basic needs, like power to run everything and keep the lights on.

But, no one really knows the source of all of this. Who really makes the decisions about power, food, water, shelter, the necessities. Not politicians, not really the media or marketers, they’re representatives. It’s like a god no one sees but everyone believes exists somewhere, some how. A mystery no one really talks about or knows what to call it if they did.

There must be one person, at the root of it all. A modern god holding all the puppet strings.

Or is it all just chance and chaos theory? Are we like a runaway train with no one actually in control of the engine or the tracks. It must be one or the other, a modern god or a runaway train. Which would you prefer?

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