Animals Are Not Pests, or Pets

I found this on a site about bats. I think this applies to all animals and plants too, people should be giving animals, plants and nature in general space. Why do people want to control everything?

Text version of the image:

BatsRule – just because you can’t touch it, cuddle it, control it, profit from it, doesn’t mean its useless, ugly or a pest.

Modern Schools Teach Sex and Leave Young People Ignorant

What is the purpose of school for children any more? They don’t seem to know English (the language, spelling, etc), or history, or geography. Schools must (I hope) still teach enough for them to function but ask them questions… there is a LOT they don’t know. Especially here in Ontario. My nieces and nephew don’t know basic Canadian history or geography, and they are not taught Canadian spelling and language arts.

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For Sale in Montreal, a Purple Smartie Car

I know it’s not intended to look like a purple Smartie (candy in Canada) but it does. Pretty fancy and almost a million dollars to buy this Lamborghini. If you were homeless with this car you would need to get a storage until to park it in and live in yourself. It would be a shame to live in the car itself and have it looking worn and messy.… Read the rest

Dead People Can’t Buy Alcohol

Note: I do know there is a virus. But, there are a LOT of viruses we could be having a pandemic for. Bigger things could have been pandemics around the world: AIDs, polio, the flesh eating bacteria, SARs, swine flu, bird flu, and so many, many others – but they were downplayed. The public was told not to worry and just go on about their business.

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Young Men Dancing in Ireland

I read a little about this group of young Irishmen. The group formed when everything was cancelled with school and work last year. Read more about them in an interview on the Irish Central website.

Now, they are working to add a modern style to Irish Celtic dancing. Just nice to see young people working at something together and doing it well.… Read the rest