Rube Goldberg Machines

Did you ever play the Mousetrap game? It’s based on the idea of making a convoluted contraption to catch a mouse. The part of the game I most remember is watching all the parts of the machine work one after the other (like all those rows of dominoes people construct) to end up catching the mouse.… Read the rest

A Modern God or a Runaway Train

It’s interesting that power, whether electricity, solar, or some other source, has eclipsed food and water in importance. Having food and water depends on having power to grow the food, clean the water and so on.

In our history, long before we harnessed power, food and water were the most important things to have, I’d add shelter in there as one of the basic necessities.

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What Affect Do Cesarean Section Births Have on People in the Long Run?

A woman I know is having a baby this month, a girl. She has been told its a breech birth so they have set her up with an appointment for a Cesarean in a week and a half. Her due date was actually 3 weeks away still. So, how is this baby a breech birth three weeks before its even expected to be born?

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A Dishwasher in Your Sink

There is a new dishwasher, smaller in size, built into the sink of your kitchen. It looks like a laptop is washing the dishes. But, it is built into where the second sink used to be and it does have two racks, enough for an average load of dishes and maybe a pot or pan. I don’t know if it would fit things like cookie sheets, baking racks and such.… Read the rest