Why are Your Last Wishes Counted Backwards?

Your last wishes are counted backwards and it seems a little arrogant, or some word like that.

Why should your last wishes be taken into consideration, only from the most recent batch and not from what you thought you wanted when you were younger, before you got older, or sicker, or more afraid.

Can you remember what your last wishes were when you were a kid, or a teenager? I don’t but I remember writing out a will and last wishes for myself in one of my old journals/ diaries long ago. They would be interesting to read now, after so much time and life. I probably think differently now and have different last wishes. But, why should my early last wishes be ignored just because I’ve changed since writing them. Why is that young person, who was/ is me, taken out of consideration?

Maybe younger me was right, had a better plan, if I could still see it from that perspective. Maybe the current me has lost perspective.

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