This is Not My First Site

I’ve had a lot of first’s in my life. I don’t remember most of them. First typo, first coffee, first solo vacation, first photograph, first illness, first…. the list goes on almost to infinity. There is a first time for everything right up until the last time for anything.

I don’t have an extensive plan for this site. I’m only a sort of planner. When it seems planning would be a good idea, I’ll do it. Most of the time I think getting lost, making mistakes cause chaos but you learn more along the way and have some unpredictability. There have been very few times in my life that I have been bored. I don’t at all respect people who claim to be easily bored. Either they are brain dead, lacking any imagination, stopped challenging themselves and make everything too easy or they just are naturally occurring boring people. How can you be bored?

To be bored you would have to be forced into something beyond your control and yet not be frustrated at all by the circumstances. Waiting for things can be boring if you really have run out of imagination or have been forced to do something you really dislike and can’t find a way to make more interesting. There is almost always a way to make things more interesting. Unless you are boring, or too much of a rule person. If you are in a rut in your life you may find yourself often bored because you stick to routines. Take a new route to work and your day is already that much more interesting.

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