Starting the Process for Coffee

This morning I have allergies and I’m waiting until 9:00 rolls around before I make coffee, take an antihistamine and have some breakfast. I’m thinking I will have plain, cold cereal for breakfast. Adding milk but nothing else. I’ve gotten used to not adding sugar years ago. Even cereal like Shreddies (I like the no name/ store brand) have added sugar already, just not as much as the really sugary stuff.

Anyway, I’m waiting until the hour gets a bit later because people are sleeping in the basement and I don’t want to wake them up. Shift working is hard, worse when the hours flip flop back and forth between day and night. It isn’t that hard to wait for coffee and breakfast, only another fifteen minutes now. But the allergies are annoying. I dusted off the bottom of my chair yesterday. I hadn’t thought about it for awhile. Something from that is hanging around and making my whole face itchy and red. This is high school for me, itchy and red skin all the time. After high school I suddenly had good skin, or much better skin.

Yesterday I started (paid for ahead) an order for a new slipcover for my office chair (which is in my bedroom, my only room). I have to measure the chair, a lot of different measurements and photograph it from all sides and the bottom. So it is a good thing I already cleaned it. I cleaned it when I was looking for the name of the manufacturer because my nephew was looking for good chair recommendations. That’s how the chain of events started. I didn’t plan to buy a slipcover but I think its a good idea. It will give my chair a facelift and I won’t wake up every morning to industrial black.

On the website topic, I have four sites now up and working. I am using Bludit for the weblog part. But, I have made profile pages (landing pages?) for the domain itself. That way I can add meta tags and header information for the site and I can work with plain HTML instead of trying to learn several other software languages to make a custom theme for Bludit.

Making a website has gotten far too complicated now. It is deliberate, at least in part. Like Microsoft making it impossible for people to change to another operating system when they buy a computer. Web developers want people to need them to make websites. If people can do it themselves the web developers don’t have “clients”. In reality people (who are not happy or don’t want to spend a lot of money being clients) can still have their own site up and running for free, or almost nothing. I’ve written about that before so I won’t get into it here all over again. (If I remember, once I get all my old site posts up, I will link it here).

It is now 3 minutes before 9:00, close enough for me to start the coffee making process.

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