Some Things You Just Can’t Say or Post Any More

Sometimes there are things you want to say or post that just don’t agree with what you are allowed to say. I have decided to stop posting any of my real thoughts, other than general fluff and stuff people want to hear, on Twitter. Posting about real things upsets people and they don’t like that.

Disinformation seems to be anything not agreeing with current popular (media) opinion. I don’t agree with a lot of popular opinions these days. I don’t agree with the idea that men can wear cosmetics and/ or have body modification and then become women. I don’t agree that Covid 19 is anything more deadly than the average flu bug and I think, although it is a real virus, everything else is some kind of plot or hoax. Overall, I believe people are being trained, but I don’t know for what purpose.

Censorship is growing incredibly strong, mostly among people who say they are open minded. Fact checking and thinking for yourself are not popular. The media is a tool of marketing and marketing/ corporations (whatever they are these days) have full control. It is like living in the Matrix and knowing everyone is just a battery for the machines.

I never thought of myself as a conspiracy sort of person, but just because you think they’re out to get you doesn’t mean they aren’t. At this point I don’t think anyone is out to get me. I’m far from being that important and as a woman over 50 no one really listens to me anyway.

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