Not Being Identified as a Disease

I found out this morning, I have diabetes. Mostly what that means to me so far is that I am not stuck with this annoying blurry vision.

I realized something else kind of trivial but interesting. I don’t think I have ever called myself an asthmatic or anything else. Someone posted about also having diabetes, he wrote “I’m also diabetic.”. But, I don’t feel I am diabetic, or asthmatic or eczematic (or whatever the word would be). I am me and I have asthma, eczema and now diabetes (which is something you can get rid of).

I’ve heard people talk about this before but I never really thought about it. The idea of not being a paraplegic (pick something and there is a word for it somewhere) but being a person who is paralyzed (or whatever it is). Not being identified as a condition or disease but as a person with a disease/ condition.

There is a difference!

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