Medicated Child Beauty Queens

I’m watching little girls in beauty pageants, on a television series, this morning.

There are no little boys. I don’t write that as a thing about sexuality, because they are children so it is not about gay boys being in beauty pageants, its about children regardless of gender. Why is so much of this pushed on girls only? It starts women feeling their value is all wrapped up in how they look and not about who they are, or what they accomplish.

The bigger issue is the lack of rules and care for the safety of these children. Girls are coated in cosmetics including fake tans, hair, nails and skimpy costumes. They are taught to be sexy. Pose and dance around less like children and more like adults.

On top of that, they are medicated! What other children’s activity requires them to be medicated in order to perform? This is really going far too far. Athletes are tested for drug use.

People should be questioning the use of medication on little girls in beauty pageants.

Then there is the pressure put on children to perform and spend what seems like a full day, performing, smiling, looking perfect. This is the big reason for drugging them. This event created by adults who expect children to entertain them by acting like adults.

What happens to these little girls when the pageants are over? What happens when they grow up? What happens when people stop praising them for their looks and their gyrating around on a stage? Do they need to be medicated the rest of their life in order to deal with life?

The celebration of beauty in little girls is a bit weird in itself. Watching this show you see all the Mothers, Grandmothers, Aunts, and other women who are no longer children. Some of them are dressed up, most are not. Does this mean only little girls are beautiful and once a girl becomes a woman she retires? Pushing sexuality on children is gross. But, women and men should have a lot of years left after childhood.

Last point is the money. Parents, or guardians, spend incredible amounts of money on these contests. The winnings do not compare to the expense of entering, talent coaches, costumes, cosmetics and other costs I could not even keep track of while watching the show.

They say “every girls dreams of being a princess” and that’s just sad. Girls need better, realistic, dreams. Without being medicated!

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