I Like Animals but I am Not Pet Friendly

I don’t think people should keep pets. It’s a bigger issue than just that. This site is going to be about not having pets or forcing animals on other people in public, like retail stores. Also, I do like animals so this is not a tirade against them at all. I disagree with owning animals just as I disagree with the idea of owning people.

I strongly believe in stewardship of the planet, caring for our Earth and the living things upon it. But, we do not (should not) think we own any of it. The Earth will be just fine, maybe better, if we all just disappeared. Making pets of animals has not really done them any favours.

Also, I am very against the idea of “pet friendly”. Indoors should be people friendly first and pets should not be forced upon other people who do not appreciate them, have asthma/ allergies or may be afraid of your darling little pet. Why are almost all pets being brought into public places only dogs? If someone brought a pet boa constrictor or hairy spider into these pet friendly places would they still be quite so pet friendly?

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