Resist the Perfection Block

This post (link and excerpt below) came up the other day. I am always trying to not be perfect. To not push myself to be perfect and end up (usually) not getting anything done, not even starting, or feeling unsatisfied (or worse) about something I have done, nitpicking at it.

One thing I do is never being satisfied.… Read the rest

Is It Ethical to Keep Pets?

People may feel sorry for farm animals contained in a small space without any natural environment but they seldom consider the life of the animals kept as pets. Pets, people want to believe, like the life with their owners. I don’t think they really do.

Not matter how many indoor conveniences made for a cat, they don’t get to hunt, wander over a large territory (especially at night) and choose when they want to give or receive affection.… Read the rest

When the Future Feels Hopeless

These (see below) are great as ways to refocus yourself and get out of a rut.What I learned to do for myself is look at what is sustainable versus what I feel obligated to do, pressured to do, etc. What am I doing that really makes me feel good, accomplished, and able to go on and do more.… Read the rest