Starting the Process for Coffee

This morning I have allergies and I’m waiting until 9:00 rolls around before I make coffee, take an antihistamine and have some breakfast. I’m thinking I will have plain, cold cereal for breakfast. Adding milk but nothing else. I’ve gotten used to not adding sugar years ago. Even cereal like Shreddies (I like the no name/ store brand) have added sugar already, just not as much as the really sugary stuff.

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Quarantine Forever?

Is there a government service or branch which keeps people in quarantine for life? Should there be? Most of all, what would it be like to live that way?

This is what I wrote this morning (but I only sent the first sentence):

Are there places where Canadian people are permanently quarantined? I do not have covid but I do have other viruses (all those herplex/ cold sore/ shingles sort of things) which I have had most of my life.

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