It’s Sad When the Moron is You

If you point a finger at someone you have three fingers pointing back at yourself. I’ve always like this old saying.

Today people throw criticism around like candy. Yet, they rant about bullying, even mild instances.

When did you last call someone else a moron, or some other related word? Are you sure which side of the moronicness you are on?

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Medicated Child Beauty Queens

I’m watching little girls in beauty pageants, on a television series, this morning.

There are no little boys. I don’t write that as a thing about sexuality, because they are children so it is not about gay boys being in beauty pageants, its about children regardless of gender. Why is so much of this pushed on girls only?

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Prediabetes may be the cause of the blurry vision I’ve been frustrated with for a few years now. I didn’t think of anything like that being the cause. I just assumed it was eye glasses that weren’t working well enough. Will find out more after the blood tests. But it does seem like a reasonable assumption.

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Why are Your Last Wishes Counted Backwards?

Your last wishes are counted backwards and it seems a little arrogant, or some word like that.

Why should your last wishes be taken into consideration, only from the most recent batch and not from what you thought you wanted when you were younger, before you got older, or sicker, or more afraid.

Can you remember what your last wishes were when you were a kid, or a teenager?

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I Think About Canadian Prehistory

The following is cut and pasted from information at the UBC site. A little prehistory, as much as we seem to know so far. Funny how the present time is relearning the past.

9000 B.C.
Native peoples are living along the Eramosa River near what is now Guelph, Ontario.

5200 B.C.
The Sto:lo people are living alongside the Fraser River near what is now Mission, B.C.

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You Can’t Live Well With Your Head on Backwards

I don’t like the idea of having regrets in my life. Maybe its knowing there is no option to change anything so I’d rather live with it and continue on with what I can do. I don’t like looking back. Sometimes, seeing an old photo of myself, I can remember that child, young person and I remember who that person was.

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Undead, More Like Predead

The coronavirus has personally devastated me though I have not been sick a day at all. While I was away, giving my brother and Mother their quarantine time I lost a lot of everything I personally valued in my life.

Some people, when they have trouble in their own life, focus on the lives and problems of others.

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