If you Visit Thunder Bay…

I found this while poking around on a real estate site. The bank was built in 1911. The location is Victoria Avenue East, Thunder Bay. It burned down in 2007, just the front of it left standing. They are selling it, hoping someone will build it onto something new. But, the chances don’t look so good for that. Mainly, that entire area is old and deserted looking. In 1911 it must have been beautiful with architecture and bustling with people. Now, its all neglected and forgotten looking. Not likely someone will put in the money for a burned out bank in a forgotten area of a city in northern Ontario. But, it has its history.

This is the description from the real estate sales listing:

Own a piece of history! The old site of the CIBC bank, burnt down in 2007, and Designed by architect V.D. Horsbugh, the building, complete with its four massive terra cotta columns using clay imported from England, officially opened its doors on July 11, 1911. The terra cotta façade and four giant columns made it a landmark in the Victoriaville area and still stand today. The bank was constructed in 1910-11, boasts a Classical Revival style of architecture, with four massive columns framing a terra cotta façade. The façade would make a perfect front for a new office building – or a smaller building constructed further back with the façade as a fencing. Great lot in the heart of the southside business district – close to the new courthouse and city hall!

A view from the back of the building. You can see there just isn’t anything left. A little on the sides, probably helping to hold the front face upright.