Invasive Reed Across Ontario

I keep forgetting the name for this plant. I hear about it often and see it far more often than I’d like to. Any place we used to have bulrushes and cattails, there are now phargmites instead. I almost applaud the few times I still see cattails. I’ve heard this is a very hard plant to get rid of, even if there are only a few. They crowd out everything else, including the animals. Phragmites are stronger than rats and cockroaches.

If you see these starting somewhere on your property get rid of them before the problem grows too big to manage.

Phargmites, also know as the European common reed, can be seen throughout Simcoe County and has become a particular problem for communities along the shores of Lake Simcoe and Georgian Bay.

Source: Fight against invasive reed slowly taking root in Simcoe County

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