A Little Boy Wants to Wear a Tutu

I am not tolerant of the transgender thing popular these days, especially when it is applied to children. To me this is like child molesting, adults controlling and using a child sexually. Children are easily led, their opinions and ideals are easily created for them. A child looks to it’s parents for their reactions to decide what their own reactions should be.

I know I do not have the “right” attitude about transgender children (or people). But, I’m not going to accept something I feel is very wrong.

Yesterday I was told about a little boy (3 years of age) who wants to wear a ballet tutu, and he likes to play with some other traditionally girl things. He is being raised by women. This is just a point of information, it does not mean he needs more men to guide him to become masculine, change him from tutu into hockey gear. But, it is interesting that people want to change his gender.

Why not his race too? When you think of a person wearing a little pink tutu is it a white girl with blonde hair? Possibly a Catholic white girl with blonde hair. So, if this little boy wants to wear a tutu maybe his gender isn’t enough to change to fit into our concept of who wears a ballet tutu.

Or, could a tutu just be a tutu? An item of clothing where the only real requirement is the size. Maybe the little boy just needs a tutu in his size, not his gender, race, religion or anything else people might stereotypically connect with a tutu.

Gender stereotypes are not new. But, they seem to have become a lot stronger, more enforced and deliberate.

Let the little boy wear the pink ballet tutu with all the frills, if he asks for it beyond just a one time whim. Don’t turn it into an issue of gender, or any big deal at all. Maybe he grows up to join the ballet, or maybe he wears it a few times and forgets all about it. Let it be his choice. Don’t load it with a lot of stereotypes and drama you carry around with you.