Why Am I Here?

I’m not getting far in all my grand plans and schemes for greatness on the web. I wanted to have an amazing site for writers, a huge gallery of ASCII art (my own and all those I have enmassed over the years) and I wanted to make a really cute web presence for myself, with lots of red, white and slightly girlish graphics which I would have made myself.… Read the rest

I Resigned from Dmoz Today

I’m no longer sure when I originally wrote this. It may have been around 2010. I did leave for years and then came back in 2016, I think. But, the whole thing was dumped by AOL (Verizon/AOL) and became Curlie. You can visit the directory, still being updated by volunteers, at the new site. Curlie.org

It stopped being fun or interesting.

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Links in Canadian Cuisine



A history of cooks and cooking, foods and foodways in Canada.



Collection of tried and true recipes, reflecting Canada’s ethnic diversity. Dorothy Rheaume.



An explanation of Canadian meals. Unique food and drinks.



The Ontario Maple Syrup Producers Association provides numerous recipes that use maple syrup.
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