Heteronyms and Homographs

My Mom forwarded this to me in email: 

Homographs are words of like spelling but with more than one meaning.
A homograph that is also pronounced differently is a heteronym.
You think English is easy? I think a retired English teacher was bored…THIS IS GREAT!
Read all the way to the end…
This took a lot of work to put together!

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Cybertwee: Feminine Technology

From a post on The Guardian:
Imagine, though, what the tech landscape might look like if soft hues and girly aesthetics were championed, rather than ridiculed? That’s exactly what three young artists – Gabriella Hilleman, 27, Violet Forest 26, and May Waver, 23 – decided to do a few years ago, when, mostly on a lark, they convened the first International Cybertwee Conference and Roundtable.
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Words from Wordables

One of my favourite things are rainy nights. I like everything dark and shiny with a mix of coloured lights (if you’re in town). 

These two words came up from Wordables in my Facebook feed, posted by a friend. I visited the site to find more. 

Cyber Communication History Book

Starting from the email and its stylistic facets, chat, in which we focus also on the art of composing spartan shapes and colors in the standard IRC, the author probes the spontaneous, irreverent and relentless personal communication that found between restrictions techniques and tricks of its own random mode. In the following chapters we analyze the digital greetings (greetings, condolences), then moved to a short and intense history of ASCII Art and its roots in RTTY Art, the art of the teletype, with the additional restriction of ASCII to 5 bits (ie only upper case).
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There is no I in Hello

Why is “Hi” the short form for “Hello”?
This is what got me thinking this morning.
It’s a small thing, but if you think about it, there is no “i” in Hello. Logically the short form would be “Ho” or “lo”.