Another Day Another $0.0000001

The biggest frustration about web publishing with the hope of making money is really understanding you are not omnipotent.

Yet, I am still determined to do it all myself. Mainly because I want to do it all my way. Secondly, because I can’t pay anyone to help me. Thirdly, I don’t have the prestige to get “interns” to work for free.… Read the rest

The Wonders of the Human Body Over 50

I sprained my ankle. I spent the day at home, I didn’t do anything more than sit at my desk, writing and making dinner, etc. Nothing strenuous and no accidents. At some point I noticed my foot was sore. After spending time playing cards with my Mom I had to gimp around because my ankle was severely unhappy every time my foot moved.… Read the rest

Gallery is Uploaded

I have my gallery up. It’s a mess, lots of duplicated images. I will get to work on tidying it up and more importantly, re-doing images for size. Now I can really see how they didn’t work when I tried CafePress, Zazzle, etc. I’m going to work on creating my art in bigger sizes, dimensionally and artistically.… Read the rest

Savella Stechishin and the Joy of Ukranian Cooking

Savella Stechishin: 1903-2002

It is with deep sadness and fond memories that we announce the passing of Savella Stechishin on April 22, 2002 in Saskatoon, SK at the age of 98.

The history of Ukrainian women in Canada was personified in Savella Stechishin who for three-quarters of a century was a forerunner, a woman ahead of her time, a perennial mover and shaker.

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