LiveJournal for Content Curation?

Semagic is working.

LiveJournal doesn’t have categories for niche topics but the tags will work. I’m going to see how LJ will work for me as a hub for content curation. I’ve got my own sites but they don’t cover everything that catches my interest. Especially as my interest tends to wander around a lot. Maybe I can move a lot of my efforts from… Read the rest

A Cake for Canada Day

red-velvet-white-chocolate-cheesecake-crop-slAlthough this comes from a US magazine, I’ve seen the idea on other websites. This one has more layers and does not use a cake mix. The photo (from Southern Living) also makes this cake look really good. I made one very much like it, with 3 layers.
2 (8-in.) round disposable aluminum foil cake pans
1 (12-oz.)
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