Bloated Self Importance on Video

Each time I see someone with a video post I think of all the people who can’t or won’t be watching it.

Video posts are for people with money to burn. In the US the Internet is cheaper. In places like Canada, Europe and the rest of the world, the story is different. I pay almost $100 per month for the Internet, that’s before adding in the cost of my landline phone.… Read the rest

Thumb Typers

thumb typers

The keyboard seems to be the easiest way to type so far. Maybe we haven’t advanced all that far from the old fashioned typewriter.

Twitter Does a Smart Thing with Email

Twitter gets smart

This came in my email from Twitter. I think it’s very smart and shows Twitter is observing and acting on current trends. Email is blocked full of junk no one reads. I don’t read my email daily any more because there is too much to sort through to find anything I actually need or want to read.… Read the rest

Send in the Cannon Fodder


I’m very sorry Victoria died and I’m glad she was able to save her students. But, I do not understand why Victoria died. Why don’t we control guns and violence and make sure there are no repeat offenders. Why does our society allow this to keep happening? Why are criminals given more consideration than victims?

Why does it feel like we are all just fodder waiting for the cannon?

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Have you Heard of all These Science Fiction Subgenres?

  • Alternative History
  • Biopunk
  • Black/Afrofuturism
  • Cyberpunk
  • Dying Earth
  • Dystopian
  • Edisonade
  • Gothic/Space Goth
  • Imaginary voyage
  • Libertarian
  • Military
  • Post Apocalyptic
  • Retrofuturistic
  • Space Frontier
  • Space Opera
  • Spy-fi
  • Superhero
  • Tech Noir
  • Time Travel
  • Utopian
  • The source for this great list (comes with descriptions and sub-subgenres for each of these) is:

Getting into Genre: Science Fiction.

Pizza Etiquette

What is the proper (or correct) way to eat pizza, with a knife and fork or picking it up and eating it with your hands?

I admit I have done both. Usually, I just pick it up with my hands. But, when the pizza is really hot, it’s easier to use a knife and fork.

What is your version of proper pizza etiquette?… Read the rest

Canadian Patriotic Butter Tarts

Found this recipe online but the link was broken to the source site. Tracked it down with the Wayback Machine.Patriotic-Pies

These picnic-ready, personalized pies are a fun food take-away for your guests (now say that 10 times quickly).

You’ll Need

2/3 cup brown sugar

2 eggs

1/4¼ cup butter

1 tsp vanilla

3/4 cup raisins or pecans

1 pie crust, rolled to ½” thickness

8 – 125ml jam jars, washed and buttered

Prep and Cook

Preheat the oven to 400°F.… Read the rest