Firefox Isn’t in Canadian English, Yet

Dear Firefox,

Thank you for an update to the Firefox web browser. I am downloading it even as I type, actually it just finished. When I first went to the link I was offered to see the page in my language. That’s nice, I thought. Only… you skipped my language. I can understand having English (US version) and it is nice to offer English (UK or British version).… Read the rest

Z is for Zombie


ASCII art posted for the A to Z Challenge. I don’t think it really looks like a zombie, but I gave it a try. He’s carrying a monkey head, for the brain, of course.

Y is for Year


ASCII art posted for the A to Z Challenge.

No, there isn’t a Year of the Mouse really. I just liked it as a title when I created this image.

I’m Year of the Dragon, the only fictional creature in Chinese astrology.

X is for Xmas

ASCII art posted for the A to Z Challenge.

This is my first ASCII art scene created for Christmas, 1999. Nice to have a reason to post it again. Seasons Greetings – whatever the season it happens to be.

Manage Your WordPress Tags with Strictly Auto Tags

First, download the Strictly Auto Tags plugin.

You can do a lot to get started with the free plugin on WordPress. But, if you really want to manage your tags better, and maintain them, the paid plugin gives extra features and options. Please donate, even if you use the free plugin. Plugin developers need love (and coffee) too.Read the rest

I Remember BlogChalking


This is what I found from the Wayback Machine. The original link which most people refer to does not end with the .com. There wasn’t much left of that BlogChalking at that domain. But, I was pretty sure it had been a .com too so I looked, and found it.

Looks like it had it’s final days in 2006.… Read the rest