What Does a Considering Cap Look Like?

Where did the idea of a thinking cap first come from? Someone had to start that idea.

As it turns out the origin of thinking cap was actually considering cap and that has been lost.

Lost, because people don’t use it and lost because it’s own origins are too far back to be remembered. Considering cap does seem older, which I like.… Read the rest

Godzilla Knows I Could Write for SheKnows

My sister-in-law, Miss Karol, sent me the link to write for SheKnows. I think they are looking for the domestic Goddess, Mother blogger types. But, I sent in a note anyway. I’m working on the ‘what can it hurt’ theory.

This is what I sent (image not included):
Godzilla - gojira

Tonight I’m listening to Godzilla roar and knock over most of Tokyo (via Roku) while I change WordPress themes.

Read the rest

Where Would you Teleport to First?

Thanks to the wonders of science we now have teleportation, much like the old Star Trek series. A beam of light moves people nearly instantly from one place to another. Halfway around the world and back again in less than a minute – if you want to accept the risk of scrambling your brains. There are warnings posted about over use and the effects on the human mind.… Read the rest

Under the Big, Blue Sea

People have begun to explore more of the oceans. It may be a few generations before anyone finds that big plug at the bottom, but they are working on it.

What will they find at the very bottom, the deepest, most hidden depths? Atlantis? Real mermaids, or a civilization of underwater people? Dinosaurs, long thought extinct?… Read the rest

#Apartment Life

#ApartmentLifeFound on Twitter: #ApartmentLife

Most of us have lived in an apartment at some time in our lives. I have, a few times and places. It is a good experience in spite of small things like limited space, smells from other people living in the same building, old buildings which could use more TLC and so on.… Read the rest

Mundane Things

Logic, common sense and all those mature and sensible things don’t apply when it comes to the ordinary things that for some reason you just don’t like. What common, mundane stuff bugs you, disturbs you? You might think it is so silly you don’t even tell friends and family. Here is your chance to air out your feelings.… Read the rest