Micro Fiction: Horror


micro horror

What’s this all about?

The mission of MicroHorror.com is to be the Web’s premier free repository for horror microfiction. We went live on May 7, 2006. Come and enjoy the stories, and if you’re a writer, we invite you to contribute.

What is microfiction?

Microfiction is also referred to as flash fiction or short-short stories. The general goal of a microfiction author is to tell a story, set a mood or depict a scene in as few words as possible. There is no official limit on how long a story can be before it no longer qualifies, but on MicroHorror.com, you will find no stories longer than 666 words.

What’s so special about horror microfiction?

Unfortunately, this is a question that can only be answered by an opinion. As for me, I’m a horror fan just like I assume you to be. I like to be scared and disturbed by what I read. I also love short-short stories, and love the emotional impact that can be crammed into a few well chosen words. Horror, I’ve come to believe, is particularly well suited to the microfiction form, and the best horror microfiction can be as brief and shocking as a punch to the stomach.

What are the guidelines for submitting stories?

There are three main rules for submissions: Stories need to be in the horror genre, they need to be under 666 words, and most importantly, they need to be written by you.

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