Disqus Can Take a Flying Leap!

Disqus Doesn't Work

I had read about Disqus on lynda.com, one of the courses. I decided to give Disqus another try based on how good it was made to sound. I had trouble with it before, as a commenter on other blogs/ sites. I should have stuck to that and never started with the damned thing.

I don’t know how it is for anyone commenting (trying to comment) on my sites. But, it is SHITE on a stick, when I try to use it to comment anywhere else. It can not find my login. It does not have my API – neither do I!  I can’t see anywhere to login to Disqus. Am I just imagining the whole thing, is this some blog commenting nightmare? No, it’s blog commenting software that demands I jump through hoops, do some backflips and maybe then I will be allowed to comment.

Piss off Disqus. How is that for great professionalism?

Urrrgggggh! DELETED!!!

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