A Facts and Arguments Essay

This comes from the Canadian newspaper, The Globe and Mail. These are the points they make for anyone to submit an essay to the newspaper. Good points to keep in mind for any writing you are working on. Consider writing an essay for your own local newspaper(s) – get paid for it!

So what makes a good Facts Essay?

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Simply Security Questions

I was registering for an online points service with one of the grocery store chains here in Ontario. Part of the process was choosing a security question and then typing in your (unique and individual) answer. Well, I have a problem with the new security questions which pop up. I was just fine with the old standard Mother’s maiden name or Father’s middle name.… Read the rest

Distributed Computing

From PC World: 11 Uses for an Old PC

Distributed Computing.

Want to do a little good for humanity? How about dedicating your old PC to one of the various public distributed computing projects?

The best known is probably Folding@Home. Folding@Home uses computing resources from all over the world to help study protein folding, an essential element to understanding how many diseases operate.

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The Archaeology Tool Set

One of the careers I wished for was archaeologist. I wanted to be the person finding out about ancient people. finding ancient and lost cities and working with the museums to display the history I had found. But, it didn’t happen thta way. 

Tonight I found a set of archaeologist tools

archaeologist tool set

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I’m Posting this with ScribeFire

ScribeFireI’ve tried ScribeFire before. I just didn’t stick with it long enough to find it useful. This time around I’m going to try to give it more time and patience for the learning and setting up process.

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5 Unconventional Ways to Improve Your Writing

5 Unconventional Ways to Improve Your Photography.

Apply these same ideas as a writer:

  • Study something, other than writing. Pick a hobby, how about photography?
  • Delete old stories, ideas and such which you “might use some day”. Don’t get trapped by old ideas, old clutter.
  • Limit your gear, make do with what you have. Stop shopping for new software, new books and other tools, accessories.
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Moustache Growing Month: Movember

emergmoustacheDo you know about Movember?

Movember is about men’s health, specifically prostate cancer. The idea of Movember is for men to grow a moustache in November and/or contribute to the cause of their own health. Growing a moustache is changing the face of men’s health, in a literal way.

Growing a moustache (also spelt mustache) myself doesn’t appeal to me.

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