Can You Go a Day Without a Cell Phone, or are you Addicted?

notaphoneboothCell phones have their place. When they first came out people bought them to have for emergencies. They are still good for that reason. But, they are dangerous too. Not the phones, but the way people use them and the time they choose to use them.

I’m anti-cell phone, mostly because it’s a bit lonely in a world full of people who seem to talk to imaginary friends – people who text but can’t spell.… Read the rest

Writers of Old Books Don’t Have Twitter Accounts

Reading an old book is interesting because you know the writer is long deceased. The book is like something frozen at one point in time, the story will never change to reflect the modern use of cell phones and you can’t ever contact the writer on Twitter to offer a review of their book.

I do like to look up writers when I am reading their books.… Read the rest

Use CAPTCHA and Word Verification to Make Art

6975320_f260Next time you’re stuck trying to read the lines of word verification (CAPTCHA) somewhere think of a way to turn those words into something funny. Add an illustration. Make the word verification part of a cartoon.

I’ve done it. I did cheat a bit. I refreshed a Blogger blog until I felt inspired by the word verification that came up.… Read the rest

Be Creative with Hand-Drawn Images and Scanner Art

Draw and Scan

Start with a scanner. From that one little flat box with a glass screen you can create web graphics from your own freehand drawings and even take it farther and make scanner art.
One of the best geekery tools I have bought myself is the small (photo-sized) HP scanner. I splurged on it when I was having a tough day and wanted a pick-me-up, retail therapy.… Read the rest

Simple Keyboard Shortcuts Everyone Using a Computer Should Know

I thought I should write about keyboard shortcuts. I’m surprised people don’t know them. Even simple things like using your keyboard for cut and paste functions.

Your computer mouse will work for most things you can do with the keyboard. Maybe the keyboard shortcuts will never be anything but extra knowledge or a backup plan for you… but, maybe knowing a simple keyboard shortcut will turn out to be a great thing.… Read the rest

What to do with Broken Books

book drunkardBooks get broken. Some can be repaired. Some aren’t worth repairing but could be repurposed/ upcycled instead. Book art is nice to see but, I think it needs to be practical so we aren’t just creating clutter but something useful too.

I don’t have many hard cover books these days. I miss them.

When you buy a book now it’s either a paperback or a bigger sized paperback book.… Read the rest

Coffee and Artists Work Well Together

I like writing and drawing in coffee shops. The atmosphere is casual yet elegant too. It’s not a family restaurant or diner where you have other people moving around you a lot. There are seldom loud noises, other than the coffee making machines. Something about coffee shops is relaxing to the spirit and yet I feel there is a standard to uphold.… Read the rest

RIP Jasmine Caietta-Altemimy

flowersRIP Jasmine Caietta-Altemimy.

Condolences to my friend, Rosie Caietta.

What happens when a baby dies? Whatever your religious, philosophical or spiritual beliefs… nothing seems right about a new born baby who doesn’t get a chance to live.