Clean your Computer

Have you noticed your computer screen just isn’t as bright and easy to read as it usually is? Think dust bunnies. Those little creatures are everywhere. For your computer you will want to anti-dust bunny your screen and all the other parts, at least once a year. More often than once a year for the screen cause it does attract it’s share of stuff, other than your attention.… Read the rest

New Phishing Scam Asking for Link Changes

Today I had an email (sent from the contact form on my site) they asked me to change my links from (which closed in 2007 or thereabouts) to another domain. They claimed they were the people running Indie Bloggers (though they only referred to it by the domain) and were moving everything to this other domain which they also own.… Read the rest

15 Ways to Look Thinner in Photographs

  1. Smile, not just a small smile. It makes you look lighter in every way.
  2. Breathe. Holding your breath is not going to help.
  3. Step away form the camera. You look bigger when you fill most of the picture.
  4. Watch your posture, stand tall with shoulders at relaxed right angles.
  5. Don’t stand with you arms pressed to the sides of your body.
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Zack Dances at FanExpo

30 Fun Things to do with a Digital Camera

  • Create a wish list. Make a catalogue of things you would like for your next birthday, Christmas or other event.
  • Take a photo of important information like a list of phone numbers, your Christmas card list, something you need to remember later and so on. Take a photo of your shopping list so you can send it to yourself if you forget the list at home.
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How to Behave Like a True Princess

princessOriginally written for HubPages sometime in 2013. What does the idea of being a princess mean to you? Have you written about a princess (in a fantasy world or the modern world) before?

If you want to be treated like a Princess begin by acting like a Princess with poise, grace and pleasant manners.

The word Princess comes with so many labels, from a spoiled brat to a graceful lady.… Read the rest