How to Become a Contributing Writer to a Publication

atworkWhen you want to be a published writer and you don’t have a lot of writing to show an editor or publisher, choose a small publication and become a contributing writer for them.

Contributing usually does mean you aren’t getting paid in cash money. There might be some kind of trade of services or goods. You may get a percent of ad revenue for instance.… Read the rest

A WordPress Plugin to Share with Kindle

This is a great plugin to have added in, smarter than social media I think. Getting your blog post forwarded to hardware (like a printer) is better than the software of Twitter, Facebook and the other social media sites.

The Send to Kindle Button lets readers enjoy your blog anytime, everywhere on their Kindle devices and free reading apps.

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Changing, Choosing and Deciding

I’ve been off kilter for a few months. I stopped writing here awhile but I know I don’t want to stop writing Word Grrls. Instead I need to change my focus, choose something that works better for me and decide what I can maintain as myself rather than trying to be what other people claim a blog or site should be.… Read the rest

Stop Regurgitating Content – Write What YOU Know

Don’t be a bland and boring writer. Don’t pollute the Internet with regurgitated content.

Hate is a strong word, but I do (almost) hate people who blog about topics they really know nothing about. They use other sources for information; they quote other people rather than having any real knowledge or personal experience. In short, they regurgitate content.… Read the rest

Writer’s Block Is More Than The Fear Of White Paper (Or Screen)

Guest post by Deanna Dahlsad.

One of the things I now find myself doing in my consulting work is providing clients with a Writing Prompt Service. It was born, like any good service, from client needs. In working with my clients, it quickly became clear that whatever their reason for having a website or blog, writers, bloggers, marketers, etc.… Read the rest

My Seven Links

MyTripBase started the My 7 Links project. It’s a blog meme but you can just pick your seven links and pass the idea along, or not. On Twitter, search for the #My7Links hashtag.

To unite bloggers (from all sectors) in a joint endeavor to share lessons learned and create a bank of long but not forgotten blog posts that deserve to see the light of day again.

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Offalings Not Accepted Here

Guest posting is not worth the time it takes to moderate, edit and argue about it. Why do all that for a post which isn’t paying you anything? I accept the odd paying post or text links, if they pay. I’m willing to put in some time working with them. But, the freebie guest posts are very seldom worth posting.… Read the rest