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I just added Genesis as the theme here. It needs some CSS to flip things around. I will likely get something done over the weekend. It does have a clean look, a bit too much space in odd places right now and not the font I like for titles and headers. Nothing I can’t work out.… Read the rest

To the Canadian Media: Canadian TV First

Canadian TV FirstAlthough the site which generated this link is about SunMedia in particular, I would like to see more Canadian TV in general. All the TV channels, the entertainers and media should be Canadian on Canadian TV. It should be the odd time we see US entertainment, not the everyday. This is only aggravated at this time of year when we have the US Oscars shoved down our throat.… Read the rest

Micro Fiction: Horror


micro horror

What’s this all about?

The mission of is to be the Web’s premier free repository for horror microfiction. We went live on May 7, 2006. Come and enjoy the stories, and if you’re a writer, we invite you to contribute.

What is microfiction?

Microfiction is also referred to as flash fiction or short-short stories.

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Writing Roles According to Skyword

Writer roles defined as per

Regularly contributes to an online discussion or information site

Reports on trends rather than news; writes on the same topic regularly

Journalist – Feature Writing
Writes for newspapers and magazines and creates in-depth, human-interest articles that go into detail about a particular subject that may or may not be closely tied to a current event.

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Pumpkin City: Early for Halloween

Pumpkin city

I especially like this idea. I could make a row of them like a candlelit village. I’d rather have these than a scary jack-o-lantern face.

Pumpkin City

A passel of pumpkins provides the backdrop for a quaint village scene.

Step 1: Carve a hole in the bottom of each pumpkin, scoop out the pulp, and return the cut pieces.

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I Fixed My Yahoo! Account

Yahoo! Contributor NetworkI think… I finally got my Yahoo! account problem sorted out. By myself, with the additional help of the automatic bots. Yahoo! support was no help. Thanks for the all the form mails. NOT!

Anyway, the problem has been that I could not login to Yahoo! Contributor and I would like to be writing there. But, each time I tried to login I was told I already have an account on another Yahoo!… Read the rest