Curiousity and Self Discipline

This was from an old profile I wrote for the BackWash site. It may have been the first one I wrote there. I thought it was pretty clever. The site is gone, I found it via the Internet Wayback Machine,  so I’m saving it here.


Life endlessly intrigues me. I have so much curiousity that I had to remove all my self discipline just to give myself room to think.

Do Your Subscribers Count?

The Internet gurus will still try to tell people to push newsletters and getting subscribers they can send regular emails about site updates, sales, new products or services, etc.

I say, that is a dead end. I will subscribe to newsletters and sites but I don’t read them. They just become more clutter in my email inbox, added to the general noise I try to ignore until the day I get annoyed enough to jump through whatever hoops it takes to delete my subscription.… Read the rest

Dealing with Weaknesses

Your can more than compensate for any weaknesses you might have, so don’t beat yourself up or feel less than for having them. Here are my 4 strategies for managing them.

  • Transform them. Just like Suzi did, how can use your strengths to overcome your weaknesses? What strengths can you apply that will transform your ability to deliver?
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Social Media Marketing In 15 Minutes A Day

Remember these two rules to social media marketing and you’ll be well on your way:

1. Don’t push a sale. Engage. Social media is all about conversation. It’s not a magazine or TV ad.

2. Only post relevant content. If you have nothing exciting to say, don’t post anything at all. It’s important to keep up a reputation for worthwhile, interesting content.

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snipit may be excited. I feel used and tossed aside. Yes, it was a free service so I should appreciate what I had. But, that’s just it. I did appreciate it. I went out of my way to promote and I did give suggestions for making it better. I was really happy and feeling good about the community there and the content we were building.… Read the rest

Change WordPress Dashboard Colours

If you ever wanted to be able to change WordPress dashboard colors as well as font or even display without having to edit WordPress core files, you’ll like this hack for sure. The following example features a basic style change grey header is replaced by a blue one but you can easily add as many styles as you wish within the <style> and </style> tags.

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