The Awful Silence of Writing

Publishing online can be lonely. There should be some kind of cute name for it. Like cabin fever for when you have been indoors too long and desperately must get outside, break free of the inside space. It became known as cabin fever for the pioneers who were trapped inside their small farm houses most of the winter, snowed in or just too cold to leave. Publishing online is like that too. You keep posting, hoping to hear something besides the echo of silence all around you. No doubt that’s why we tend to write with the radio or TV on in the background.

Still there is the urge to be that pioneer, to try something, to start something and try to make it grow. We still do it. Independently or joining up other sites and networks as a smaller part of something big. But, there are days when you can feel overwhelmed by the to-do list you build up for yourself. There are days when the cabin fever of online publishing gets too much. We might go a whole day and realize we have not spoken a single word out loud to anyone but had typed thousands of them that day.

Writing is so very quiet. The only sound is the TV or the radio, the tapping of the keyboard. Blog comments that come in from others in their own quiet writing worlds are like life rafts of communication. You’re not just talking to yourself after all! There really are still people in the world.

Being inside too much also narrows your focus too much. Get out there, people watch or even talk to someone. Blow up your world again, remember what it’s like to be really social, face to face. It may be a bit scarier than talking online but we all need that interaction too. A breath of life in our quiet publishing world.

When you get back online comment in a few blogs, randomly. Spread that breath of life around. Yes, it’s good for your blog stats but more importantly, it’s really good for the blogging community too. Remind someone else that, just because it’s quiet, doesn’t mean there isn’t anyone out there, reading, listening, maybe laughing at the right parts too.

How do you battle that cabin fever of being a web writer, an online publisher?

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