Canadian Lighthouses

 The deadline was May, 2012, but until then you could have become an owner of a Canadian heritage lighthouse. Would you like to live in a lighthouse? What could you do to make a lighthouse profitable, as a business?

The deadline has come and gone. But it would have been interesting to live in an historical lighthouse. Pretty expensive renovations.
Links for Canadian Lighthouses:

Wikipedia: List of Lighthouses in Canada

Canadian Lighthouses

British Columbia Lighthouses

Lighthouses of Newfoundland and Labrador

Lighthouses of Prince Edward Island

Lighthouses of Nova Scotia

Ontario Lighthouses

Ontario: Bruce Coast Lighthouses

Save Canada’s Lighthouses

Lighthouses in ASCII Art

Create a character who lives in a lighthouse. Build up a background story for this character and work out how they fit into a story you’re currently writing (or reading).

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