Famous Women Gardeners

Famous Women Gardeners
By Gay Klok



You may have heard of the first two but not have heard of the last two ladies. During the next weeks we will learn how these five women had an enormous influence on our modern-day gardens and I hope to open to you, with discussions and suggested readings, their fascinating gardening world and interesting lives.… Read the rest

Repurpose Vintage Denim: Make a Fancy Denim Purse

A denim purse has great looks, great style and does great when it comes to wear and tear. Wouldn’t you like a denim purse, backpack, book bag, or some other denim purse sort of thing for yourself?

Almost every purse or backpack I have bought myself has been denim. My Mother made me a denim purse when I was a high school kid too.… Read the rest

Very Expensive Denim Backpack

I love the look of this, the design. But it is way too much money – just for a fashion name which I will not care about and likely forget at some point.

Louis Vuitton Blue Monogram Denim ‘Sac a Dos’ GM Backpack.  Price:US $901.80


What to Do in Barrie When it Rains

I live in Barrie, Ontario, Canada. I’m still a tourist here, at heart.

I didn’t grow up in Barrie but I’ve lived here more than five years. I like Barrie, it’s a small city north of the bigger city, Toronto, Ontario. But, Barrie has everything you need right here: art, culture, shopping, night-life, outdoor and indoor activities.… Read the rest


Bookpacking is custom made for people who like to read. Many backpackers have packed a tattered paperback novel into their rucksack in case they are held hostage by rain pummeling the outside of their tents.

Packing a book for a bike trip, a hike or boating excursion engages both the body and the mind into an outing.

Read the rest