Bare Naked Breasts?

How do you feel about the issue of women being topless in public?

The idea comes from men being topless in public and how, if  things are equal, women should be able to choose to do the same rather than being discriminated against. It’s a complicated issue, with more things involved than modesty, traditional values, etc.… Read the rest

Ecard Writing Tips from SomeEcards

Tap into a jarring thought, a complex emotion, a contradictory behavior, an absurd scenario, or a general societal observation – however rude, embarrassing, or illegal. Try to not make your card as overwrought and pretentious as the previous sentence. Make every word count. The key is that your sentiment rings true, but also feels like something people haven’t quite heard before.

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Day2Day Ordinary Beauty

Simply take One photograph every day from Monday to Friday. The subject and composition is up to you but I would encourage you to use manual settings and natural light on your camera wherever possible. Add your photo to the pool tagging it “day to day” and blog a few lines about your shot, either on flikr or on your own personal blog.

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Things Not to Say to a Writer

How big will your list get for this Twitter hashtag: #ThingsNotToSayToAWriter

(If you say no). Oh, come on… It’s not like you’re really doing anything all day anyway. #ThingsNotToSayToAWriter

Yeah…. but how do you make any money? #ThingsNotToSayToAWriter

So, have you written anything that I could read? #ThingsNotToSayToAWriter

I had my top three in a few minutes.… Read the rest

Should Spelling be Understood or Guessed At?

What are your thoughts about spelling: traditional or mutable?

Consistent spelling was a great way to ensure clarity in the print era. But with new technologies, the way that we write and read (and search and data-mine) is changing, and so must spelling.

Instead of trying to get the letters right with imperfect tools, it would be far better to loosen our idea of correct spelling.

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Misuse of AutoCorrect for Fun and Writing Exercise

I haven’t used auto correct in years. I’d forgotten about it, other than catching the odd post on Facebook laughing at some mistake made. I assumed it they were actual typos, not done by the computer ‘fixing’ words it assumes are errors.

Damn You AutoCorrect

How many funny or silly autocorrect errors can you create? Without the aid of software, other than the software between your own ears. Read the rest