I’ve Deleted all my Post Tags

I’m sick of dealing with an endless, bottomless list of tags. Last month I wiped out my categories. I left a sensible, comprehensible list of six categories to act as an index. I kept the tags then. But, today I decided the tags had to go. They were a weight on my shoulders I could do without.… Read the rest

What NOT to Do

Sometimes people do things they haven’t really thought through. I’m not immune to it. But, we should learn from the mistakes of others, especially the really bad mistakes.

Here are two I’ve come across recently:

I get a lot of these. The irony being that my contact form states pretty clearly that I don’t want guest posts.… Read the rest

Dating for Joy

Each year there is a Valentine’s Day boost for online dating. Then it slacks off awhile. People might have met someone, then been disappointed and take a break from the dating thing until the official end of Winter hibernation. Or, they met someone and it actually worked out. Most likely, in my experience, they met men who were married, or too young and then they lost interest in the male species for awhile.… Read the rest

This is What Happens When You Die

My Aunt Anita died last year. A friend died late last year too. It was kind of nice to know their accounts were still around on Facebook and other sites where they had left some presence. Today I checked on this one and found it gone. Who deactivates the account in this case? You must be really dead if Facebook is willing to actually delete your account (versus just pretending to humour you about the whole account deletion thing).… Read the rest

Connecting the Unknown Tangle

Writing fiction has developed in me an abiding respect for the unknown in a human lifetime and a sense of where to look for the threads, how to follow, how to connect, find in the thick of the tangle what clear line persists. Eudora Welty

Welcome to the Day

I’m going to try writing Morning Pages (again). I haven’t looked up the official rules in awhile. I think it was intended to be written long-hand but I’m ignoring that rule. I’m such a rebel that way. This morning I’m too tired for long-hand.

My brother is coming over. So I got up early, even before the alarm clock went off.… Read the rest

Why Are you Still Using Auto Reply Emails?

I just don’t get a personal contact kind of feeling from auto reply email. Yes, it gives me instant (or near instant) feedback, but it is MEANINGLESS! I don’t get an answer to my question. Sometimes I get something based on keywords which usually misses by miles. What I do get is the feeling that I have one more junk email to delete and I expect I will be waiting a very long time to get a real reply.… Read the rest

Most Lakes and Education

This was nice to read about Canada especially.

25 Things You Wouldn’t Believe About These Countries
Depending upon your definition, and whether or not you count Taiwan, there are “approximately” 196 countries in the world as of this writing. So while you may consider yourself to be a knowledgeable global citizen, and we’re sure you are, given the dynamic and complex nature of our planet there are certain to be at least a couple facts on this list that you will find surprising.
Read the rest