Turn it Upside Down and Combine Ideas

Take any topic, something written about many times. Turn it upside down, give it a new spin, a fresh slant and look at it in a new and unexpected way. The best way to do this is to combine ideas, two different sides of a coin, two different opinions, two different ideas, etc. Unbalance something but combining it in a new way and turn it upside down.… Read the rest

Lo-Res Graphics

Lo-fi graphic, low-res graphics, text mode visuals, ASCII art, ANSI art, pixel art, Unicode, Twitter art, Facebook art and all the other forms and styles of creating simple graphics.

Otromatic, 8 bit graphician.

Raquel Meyers – Lo-fi graphics mixed media artist.


8 Bit Today

8 bit collective – 8bitcollective is the first completely open chiptune-related media repository and file sharing community.

Invent a New Kick on an Old Gumshoe

There have been all kinds of private detectives, investigators and amateur sleuths in fiction. It would be hard to come up with a completely new character. But, if that were your challenge… what can you come up with? To give you an idea here are some practical links for people who really are interested in a career as a private investigator.… Read the rest

Do You Use WordPress Proofreader to your Advantage?

Are you making full use of all the proofreading features available with the newest version of WordPress?

If you put some time into understanding how the features work (mainly how to understand what they are suggesting to you) you can have an editor look over your post before you publish it to your site. This is something people should be taking advantage of.… Read the rest

Free Online Courses

Just a list I put together one day. Have a look if you have time to update your writing or web publishing skills.

Plain Text Formatting

I’m working on a blog to display my ASCII art and the art from other artists which I have collected and gathering electronic dust bunnies on my hard drive.

I had a struggle to get the ASCII art to display in plain text without warping to the left. Then I found the Preserve Code Formatting plugin.… Read the rest

Writers Can Learn from Romance Readers

The ABCs of Romance: The Duke of Slut, Mary Sue, TSTL, and More!.

Mary Sue/Gary Stu: A critical term reserved for badly-written protagonists who are too perfect—they are simply good at everything, everyone except the Bad Guys loves them, and they have no discernable character flaws. Mary Sues are generally disliked because, since they have no problems of their own, the conflicts they confront tend to be contrived.

Read the rest