Zeal and Zip and Zest

Today is the last day of the A – Z Blogging Challenge. Today, Z is for zeal.

A long time ago I was a volunteer for a web directory called Zeal, they called the people who worked for them zealots. They gave us badges instead of actual pay. It was different from the Open Directory, where I also worked. But, Zeal closed down years ago. Now I work for BOTW, Best of the Web. Sometimes, I wish I was putting in more time there. I do like finding sites to list and tidying up existing listings.

Anyway, zeal is my word for the day of zed because zeal is about having passion and finding something you really enjoy and care about. Zeal is an action word. What are some things you have zeal (persistent, fervent, devotion to a cause) for? Do you have some of these things in your life each day? How can you find time or space to fit in at least a little of something you feel zealous about into each day?

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