Writing for Mobile Blog Readers

Writing for Mobile Blog Readers.

It might sound funny, but those age-old writing techniques carry right over to today’s hurried mobile readers. (Think of bus or subway commuters who replaced their morning newspaper with smartphones and tablets.) Now is the time to work those suggestions into your blog. Get the nutgraph (keyword phrase) of your story in your lead (first 140 characters). Write short paragraphs, and use bullets (lists) and subheads (H2 tags) to improve readability.

You’ll be surprised at how well those old-school, JOURN-101 tips can tighten up your content and enhance the user experience for your blog readers—whether they’re surfing via the traditional web or their mobile devices.

Considering physical size and brevity can bring more focus to your writing: what you write and how you write it. Try writing shorter, condensed content. Then rethink how you display it. Do you use subheaders, do you highlight, do you bold text? Could your content be better, more readable for not just mobile readers but all your readers?

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