To Bookmark or Not to Bookmark

When you’re reading a book do you mark it with a real bookmark or do you stick random things in them?

I like having a bookmark but they tend to wander off. I had one I especially liked but it fell apart in my purse. First the tassel unraveled and then the cardboard part had several inner purse traffic accidents. I didn’t throw it away, it’s in a drawer or some other purse, somewhere. Right now I’m using a freebie bookmark with the promotional ad copy from the store where I bought my last new book. I like it cause I won’t feel bad when it gets lost or wears out. Yet, it feels like a real bookmark instead of folding over the corner of the page I’m reading, sticking a napkin in it or some other random, appropriately flat object.

Now the other question, bookmark related, sort of… have you ever used your book to squish a bug? Emergencies count. Have you ever squished a bug inside the pages of your book? I have done that. I was reading and quite happy, not bothering the bugs of the world. A little flying thing began to crawl over the page I was reading. So, when it got the the end of the print I closed the book, firmly and made sure to press it all over the bug area. So there is at least one book out there that has the carcass off a bug. I wonder if anyone noticed. It was a very small, delicate bug after all.

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