The Job of a Movie and Television Production Assistant

I’ve seen a Production Assistant at work. When I lived in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) my Mom and I phoned in and got tickets to watch Dini Petty‘s show at the CFTO (now CTV) television station. We went to several of her shows, until we moved farther out of the GTA and soon after Dini wasn’t doing the show any more. (She missed us?)

Dini¬†Petty had a Production Assistant. She actually seemed to be running the show from what I could see. She talked to the audience before, during and after the show, keeping us up with what was going on during delays and letting us know what we should be doing at different times. I know she was doing other things and I even spoke to her once and found out more, but I’ve forgotten what she said – it was a lot.

Since then, I have thought Production Assistant was a job I would like. Not for TV comedies, dramas, etc but the talk shows where you have more real people, an audience and guests and more stage props and such. I guess all shows have the same elements but there is something more vital and ever-changing when it’s a talk show instead of a work of fiction.

Wikipedia: A production assistant, also known as a PA, is a job title used in filmmaking and television for a person responsible for various aspects of a production. The job of a PA can vary greatly depending on the budget and specific requirements of a production as well as whether or not the production is unionized.

Production assistants on films are sometimes attached to individual actors or filmmakers.

Most jobs require some training although some jobs may hire you with no training. Associate’s or Bachelor’s degrees make you more marketable because many degree programs offer internship opportunities that allow students to gain experience in the field while taking classes in school.

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