The Food Project Blog Challenges

Food Buzz had ten challenges for food bloggers in their Food Project Blog. The contest is over, the winner announced. But the challenges can inspire some fresh ideas for all bloggers, of every niche.

#1 Ready, Set, Blog!
Recipe for Success. Be yourself and be present. – This was where the bloggers enter the challenge and introduce themselves to everyone else participating.

#2 The Classics
Cooking outside your comfort zone. – Food bloggers were to tackle a new dish outside of their usual fare, a foreign dish was suggested. But I would think foreign dishes are not the only option a creative food blogger could come up with. How about a chocolate sculpture?

#3 Luxury Dinner Party
Impress your guests. Hosting a luxurious dinner party. – Bloggers create and promote their event and readers on the Food Buzz site vote on which they would most like to attend.

#4 Picture Perfect
Designing a dish for the camera. – Tutorials can help you learn food photography so you can take scrumptious photos for your blog. Tempt readers to take a bite.

#5 Recipe Remix
Honing your technique, make a recipe your own. Contestants were to take the typical pizza and turn it into their own unique creation.

#6 Road Trip!
Food to go, presentation is king. Design a meal to go on the road, one that can be carried around and still come out looking good enough to eat.

#7 Video 411.
Lights, camera, cook. The challenge is to make a video in order to teach your recipe to your readers, or the readers of Food Buzz in this case.

#8 Piece of Cake.
How to get a great performance from your oven. A seasonal ingredient was used to bake something that shows off a knowledge of the science behind baking.

#9 You’re the Critic
Asserting your opinion and telling a story. The bloggers take it out to a restaurant, write their own review and rate the dining out experience.

#10 The Final Post
By this time the challengers were narrowed down to three. They were given a last chance to post about their experiences during the challenge and what they learned.

This must have been a fabulous experience for all the bloggers who kept up with it all. Even if they were out of the running by some point, it would have been a real achievement just to do all ten of the challenges.

Look at the list and think about what you could do, step out of your own comfort zone and try something new with your blog.

If you have a food related blog you can find Food Buzz on the web, on Twitter and on Facebook.

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