Job as a Segment Producer

Some jobs make daydream. I don’t live in Toronto any more and I don’t have experience as a Segment Producer but this sounds like a dream job all the same. Most writers could take on a bit more and be a Segment Producer. It’s a job writers should look into and look for.

Position: Segment Producer – SPACE

Hours of Work: 40 hours per week. Overtime as required.
· Generating interesting, original and current story ideas and angles for a daily magazine show, and special features.
· Ability to react by referencing a strong contact base and research venues like the internet
· Initiate, write, and produce field pieces
· Ability to write a detailed paper edit
· Strong writing skills for voice-overs
· Possess strong persuasive skills to get interviews
· Validating and assessing the editorial value of stories and assignments
· Finding, and booking the best possible guest for each show
· Researching and writing comprehensive editorial background briefs that lead to original and cohesive lines of questioning
· Ability to cultivate contacts and solidify exclusive interviews for the show on a regular basis
· Monitor and stay abreast of the Arts, Genre entertainment, lifestyle & pop culture

· 2- 3 years of proven experience as a Segment Producer
· Experience in generating story ideas and writing scripts
· Experience working in an edit suite
· Strong Chasing Skills are essential for this position.
· Strong knowledge and passion of pop culture, entertainment and music.
· Ability to prioritize and meet deadlines of several simultaneous duties, while maintaining focus and composure.
· Excellent communication skills – oral and written
· Ability to work well in a team and be self-motivated
· Computer processing skills, including Microsoft, Word, Excel and other related computer programs.
· Excellent internet research skills
· Experience working with an editor to put together stories

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