History on the Bricks

The history of these students and families is etched into the exterior bricks of the old one-room school house.  For the residents of Langford, the bricks of the Langford School were a significant historical record of the community.

via Active History on the Grand: History and Bricks | ActiveHistory.ca.

Have you ever written your name and the date on a building or etched it into a table or tree? It’s funny that we consider that vandalism when it’s done and yet, years and years later, it becomes history and part of our heritage. In time even vandalism has value.

What would you write on a brick, beyond your name and the year? Consider someone reading it in a hundred, even five hundred years from now. How different the world will be and yet there will be the brick you wrote on, still the same. Even if the building is dismantled they tend to reuse bricks now. The older bricks are better made versus the hollow bricks made more recently.

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