For the Letter Writers

I’ve written about letter writing before: Letter Writing and Letter Writing Fading to Black.

But, it’s time for another look, to see what’s new, what I missed and just for the sake of the letter writers themselves (they who need to be appreciated).

“Letter writing is the only device for combining solitude with good company.”  –  Lord Byron


Letter Writers Alliance –  (Blog)  (Twitter)  (Flickr)

Flickr: The Art of Letter Writing

 Letters & Journals

The Missive Haven

A Year of Letters

 Letter Lover

The Letter Writing Revolution

365 Letters Blog

The Letter Jar

Going Postal – You can’t get far (literally) with letter writing without the postal service/ snail mail. Yet, it’s becoming less necessary for communications. During the latest postal strike here in Ontario many people wondered how clever the postal workers union was to strike now. People are already using the service less due to the Internet. How long will it take for the post office and snail mail to become a hobby for letter writers and otherwise not very practical for business and communications in general.

Save Snail Mail –  (Twitter)

Viva Snail Mail

Twitter: Postage Service – “Perpetuating the beauty of postage stamps through practical & artistic applications!”

Smithsonian National Postal Museum

The British Postal Museum

Save the Paper – The debate about the possible demise of paper communications (books, newspapers, letters and any others of the like) is ongoing.

(From Domtar) Paper Because

Domtar is committed to the responsible use of paper. We’re also committed to communicating paper’s place and value to the businesses and people that use our products every day. Paper is a sustainable, renewable, recyclable, plant-based product that connects us in so many ways to the important things in life. Great ideas are started on paper. The world is educated on paper. Businesses are founded on paper. Love is professed on paper. Important news is spread on paper.

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