Do you Give Inanimate Objects Feelings?

Do you sometimes attribute feelings to inanimate objects? Maybe you have named your car. Maybe you feel sad for the last cookie in the box, the only book on the shelf? Giving an object feelings this way is called anthropomorphism/ personification, or pathetic fallacy when used in literature.

It’s not a bad thing, but it is kind of funny when you stop to think about it. I like the description I found on Yahoo Answers best, explaining it as just our way of making our environment comfortable and getting through the day. People who are alone might feel this way more often than those who are busier with more people in their every day life.

From Yahoo Answers:

its a social condition we ted to anthropomorphize objects to make a safe environment so our car is Bessie old girl who wont start this morning as shes a bit cold and off colour. Its just a normal social way of inventing stories that get you through the day

Write about someone who names things and thinks everything has feelings. Someone who takes this little pathetic fallacy too far.

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