Comment Scam

I’m glad we can edit comments left on the blog. I don’t remember being able to do that when I was using Blogger/ Blogspot. You could delete the comment or keep it.

Today I had a comment on an older post. It was a good post, in my own opinion. The commenter used my name and referred to the post, closely enough that it could be related to the topic or generic, depending on how you read it. I thought it was a sincere comment. I even posted it. Then I went to look at it on the post itself, outside of the editing screen.

That is when I noticed the period at the end of the last sentence contained a link to an acne treatment site. A hidden link. The funny thing is, I would have posted it (with the link even) if the link had been in the usual place rather than trying to make it a scam by hiding it. There was no link with the commenter’s name.

Anyway, I did not delete the comment. But I did go back and edit the link out. I decided to keep the comment. I will watch for other scam being made to look like a sincere comment.

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