A Ghost Book

I read about, Miranda, the ghost girl, about 30 years ago. I tried to remember who wrote the book, and the story, for years. Then I found it online.

I even ordered the book again and re-read it. But, it wasn’t the same as reading it when I was a younger person. I liked it, but it didn’t intrigue me as much. Proof that we do get older and change how we see the world.

The book was written by Wylly Folk St. John. The book art, as I remember it from my original book too, was from Trina Schart Hyman. You can see the names on this screen capture of the book cover. But, it doesn’t hurt to type them out. Image files break and some people can’t see image files, just text.

This book haunted me for years. I always remembered Miranda, but over the years I forgot why. The book itself became like a ghost, something almost remembered which lingered in my mind.

Write about a ghost book. Decide what a ghost book would be to you, it might be something with a different story from mine. What is the story of the ghost book as you think of it?

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