People with No Common Past

From “The Secret History of Moscow” by Ekaterina Sedia:

“It felt like a school trip, and Galina had to restrain herself from trying to hold hands with Timur-Bey; despite his diminutive stature, he appeared quite formidable. Besides, Galina thought, he had never been herded with a group of other children to a museum or an exhibition of the country’s agricultural prowess.

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Blogging Case Study

Blogging Case Study.

Welcome to This website, created by Glen Allsopp, has been developed as a result of a team effort with Andrea Wren, and the column she is writing for the Guardian newspaper. Starting September 3rd 2011, I (Glen) will personally be taking a freelance writer (Andrea) through the steps of how to build a popular blog that ethically makes money.

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Mobilize Your Creativity At ArtCrawl

In addition to a 2-Day artist retreat at NYU ITP (October 1 & 2), we’re inviting artists (of all backgrounds and genres) to join us for some plein-air drawing, painting, photography, film and whatever else strikes your fancy at three super-inspiring locations in NYC.

Not a mobile digital artist? Well, that’s okay too.  “Analog” artists are welcome to join us too!

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Poetry in Tags

Flickr: Tag Poetry

Find poetry in the tags used to index blogs and websites. I think it’s more about finding (and screen capturing) the right tags than writing them yourself (that would be too easy). But, you could write them. Make it look random and keep them alphabetical as if you just found them somewhere, out there.

Create your Cheerful Celebration List

Create your Cheerful Celebration list to give you small and big things to celebrate the little things in life or cheer yourself up when you’re a little down.  This idea comes from When I Grow Up.

  • Go out for a latte and try something new.
  • Spend an hour or more at the secondhand bookstore, shelfsurfing.
  • Sit outside with a good book.
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What I Learned About Doodling from Scrapbookers

Mainly this is about lettering, how to create fun, fanciful and pretty letters. These can be used to illustrate quotations. Or add a unique touch to other creative work you are doing. Think outside the box. Just get the basics and take off with your own imagination and favourite things.

  • Start by drawing your letters as usual, in your own hand drawn print.
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